Knowledge Systems for Coalition Operations 2010

21-23 September 2010 in Vancouver (Simon Fraser University), British Columbia, Canada



KSCO Introduction
Jitu Patel (Dstl, UK), James Lawton (EOARD), Adel Guitouni (Defence R&D Canada Valcartier), Austin Tate (University of Edinburgh)

Invited Talk 1

Comprehensive Planning in Complex Endeavours (paper, presentation)

Maartje Spoelstra (TNO Defense, Security and Safety)

Paper Session 1: Coordination and Collaboration

Risk Aggregation Methodology for Joint Fire Coordination (paper, presentation)

Adel Guitouni (Defence R&D Canada Valcartier), Snezana Mitrovic-Minic (MDA Systems Ltd)

Dynamic Networks and Distributed Problem-Solving (paper, presentation)

Paul Smart (University of Southampton), Trung Dong Huynh (University of Southampton), Dave Braines (IBM United Kingdom Ltd) and Nigel R. Shadbolt (University of Southampton)

Open Virtual Collaboration Environment for the Whole of Society Crisis Response Community (paper, presentation)

Austin Tate (AIAI, University of Edinburgh), Yun-Heh Chen-Burger (AIAI, University of Edinburgh), Jeff Dalton (AIAI, University of Edinburgh), Stephen Potter (AIAI, University of Edinburgh), Gerhard Wickler (AIAI, University of Edinburgh), Kathleen M. Carley (Carnegie Mellon University), Frank Kunkel Carnegie (Mellon University), Robert Cross (University of Virginia), Jeffrey T. Hansberger (US Army Research Laboratory), Brian Moon (Perigean Technologies LLC)

Panel Session: Lessons and Training for Major Events Safety and Security

Strategies for ad-hoc Data Collection and Analysis During Major Event Interagency Exercises and Operations (paper, presentation)

David G. Smith, G. Elaine Maceda (Defence Research and Development Canada)

Science-Based Planning Support to Vancouver 2010 Security:  Two Case Studies (paper, presentation)

Patrick W. Dooley (Defence Research and Development Canada)

Adaptation of Research Methods to Support the Analysis of Operations (paper, presentation)

Ronald W. Funk (Defence Research and Development Canada)

Lynne Genik (DRDC Centre for Security Science) (presentation)

MGEN(RETD) Ed Fitch (Joint Task Force Games, Red Team Leader) (presentation)

Capt Annette Cunningham  (Venture Naval Officer Training Centre) (presentation)

Paper Session 2 – Coalition Planning 1

Review and Coordination of Cyber Security for Vancouver 2010 (paper)

Luc Beaudoin (Canadian Cyber Incident Response Centre), Lynne Genik (DRDC Centre for Security Science)

Multi-Agent Distributed Planning (paper)

Luke Marsch, Slava Shekh, Tony Allard, Hing-Wah Kwok, Don Gossink (Defence Science and Technology Organisation, Australia)

Making Plans Alive (paper, presentation)

Jitu Patel (Dstl, UK), Michael C. Dorneich (Honeywell, USA), David Mott (IBM, UK), Ali Bahrami (Boeing, USA), Cheryl Giammanco (US Army Research Lab)

Invited Talk 2

(Re-)Discovering the Comprehensive Approach (presentation)

Heather Hrychuk (Center for Operational Research and Analysis, Defence R&D Canada (DRDC))

Paper Session 3 – Information Sharing

KMapper – An Ontology Based Knowledge Mapping Application (paper, presentation)

Régine Lecocq (Defence R&D Canada, Valcartier)

Automated Risk Assessment of Sensor Disclosure in Coalition Operations (paper, presentation)

Marco Carvalho, Carlos Perez and Jeffrey M. Bradshaw (Institute for Human and Machine Cognition)

Extending NetCentricity to Coalition Operations (paper, presentation)

Niranjan Suri, Andrzej Uszok, Rita Lenzi, Massimiliano Marcon, Maggie Breedy, Jeffrey Bradshaw (Institute for Human and Machine Cognition); Yat Fu, James Hanna, Vaughn Combs, Asher Sinclair, Rob Grant, Bob Hillman (US Air Force Research Laboratory)

Invited Talk 3

Major Events Security Framework (MESF): A ‘Whole of Government’ approach to integrated planning (presentation)

Anthony Masys  (Defence R&D Canada (DRDC) Centre for Security Science (CSS))

Paper Session 4 – Coalition Planning 2

Hybrid Rationale for Shared Understanding (paper, presentation)

David Mott (IBM, UK), Cheryl Giammanco (US Army Research Lab), Michael Dorneich (Honeywell, USA), Jitu Patel (Dstl, UK)

Multi-Agent Temporal Plan Monitoring Perspectives in Coalition Context Based on Dependence Networks (paper)

Mohamad K. Allouche, Jean Berger (Defense Research Development Canada, Quebec)