KSCO-2007 Program


Tuesday, May 1

7:30-8:30 Breakfast & Registration   

8:30      KSCO Intro/Overview (A. Tate)                                                                                                   

9:00      Session 1: Applications     

·         D. Šišlák, P. Volf, A. Komenda, J. Samek & M. Pěchouček.  “Agent-Based Multi-Layer Collision Avoidance to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles”

9:30      Break                                

10:00    Session 1: Applications (continues)

·         E. Kuster. “Coalition Interoperability Architecture”

·         G. Wickler, A. Tate, & J. Hansberger. “Supporting Collaborative Operations within a Coalition Personnel Recovery Center”

·         M. Rehák, J. Tožička, M. Pěchouček, M. Prokopová, & L. Foltýn.  “Autonomous Protection Mechanism for Joint Networks in Coalition Operations”

11:30    Lunch

13:00    Session 2: Frameworks

14:00    Session 3: DP&E               

14:30    Break                                

15:00    Session 3: DP&E (continues)                                                                                                       

16:30    Panel Session: Coalition DP&E                                                                                                  

          Chair: Todd Humiston


Wednesday, May 2

7:30-8:30  Breakfast & Registration  

8:30      Invited Talk - Invited Talk - COL (R) John M. Bratton, USPACOM and Multinational Planning Augmentation Team (mpat.org)

9:30      Break                                

10:00    Session 4: Scenarios        

·         D. Roberts, G. Lock, & D. Verma.  “Holistan – A Futuristic Coalition Scenario for International Coalition Operations”

·         M. Abramson, R. Mittu & J. Berger.  “Coordination Challenges and Issues in Stability, Security, Transition and Reconstruction and Cooperative Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Scenarios”

·         P. Smart, A. Russell & N. Shadbolt.  “AKTiveSA: Supporting Civil-Military Information Integration in Military Operations Other Than War”

11:30    Lunch                                

13:00    Session 5: Cultural Issues 

·         W. Sieck & J. Patel. “Cultural Issues in Coalition Operations”

·         K. Sharpe, K. Gremban & K. Holloman.  “Evaluating the Impact of Culture on Planning and Executing Multinational Joint Force Stability, Security, Transition and Reconstruction Operations”

·         S. Poltrock, M. Handel & M. Klein. “Understanding Process Differences: Agreeing Upon a Single Way to Skin a Cat”

14:30    Break                                

15:00    Sesssion 5: Cultural Issues (Continues)

·         L. Perlovsky. "Neurodynamics of Consciousness and Cultures". 

15:30    Panel Session: Cultural issues                                                                                                   

            Chair: Linda Pierce