KSCO-2002 Agenda – as at 16-Apr-2002


Tuesday 23rd April 2002 Morning


09:00     [15] Introduction - Austin Tate


09:15              Coalition Operations Frameworks - Chair Jean Berger


[15] McCrabb, M. “Effects-based Coalition Operations: Belief, Framing and Mechanism”


[15] Barber, K.S. and Martin, C. “Autonomy of Decision-Makers in Coalitions”


[15] Fletcher, M. “JACK: A System for Building Holonic Coalitions”


10:00              Break


10:30              Organisation of Coalitions - Chair Jean Berger          

[15] Hsu, E. “A Group-Oriented Framework for Coalitions”


[15] Discussion - Chair Jean Berger


11:00              Functional Areas - Chair John Levine


[15] Jelinek, J. “Model Predictive Risk Control of Military Operations"


[15] Marmelstein, R.E. “Force Templates – A Blueprint for Coalition Interaction within an Infosphere”


[15] Toman, D. and Kos, A. “Advanced 3D Visualization Web Technology and it’s use in Military and Intelligence Applications”


[15] Ground, L., Kott, A., and Budd, R. “A Knowledge-Based Tool for Planning of Military Operations: the Coalition Perspective” (to be presented by Mulvehill, A.)


[30] Discussion - Chair John Levine


12:30              Lunch


14:00              Shared Models/Standards/Ontologies - Chair Tom Garvey


[15] Desimone, R. and Charles, D. “Towards an Ontology for Intelligence               Analysis and Collection Management”


[15] Mulvehill, A. and Kral, T. “Requirements for Standards and Commonality with Regard to Knowledge Based Systems for Coalition Operations”


[60] Discussion Topic – Coalition Ontologies - Chair Roberto Desimone. With David Allsopp, Jean Berger, Scott Fouse and Tom Garvey


15:30              Break


16:00              Agent Systems - Chair Jeff Bradshaw


[15] Edwards, G., Kettler, B., Olin, K. and Tsurutani, B. “Agents on the Semantic Object Web: Information Management for Coalition Operations”


[15] Klusch, M. and Gerber, A. “Issues of Dynamic Coalition Formation Among Rational Agents”


[15] Maamar, Z., Labbé, P. and Mansoor, W., “Software Agents for Coalition Forces” 


16:45     [45] Discussion Topic – Agents for Coalition Operations - Chair Jeff Bradshaw


17:30              Close


19:30              Conference Dinner at the Musée Fondation Bemberg



Wednesday 24th April 2002


09:00     [15] Announcements Austin Tate


09:15              Coalition Architectures – Part 1 - Chair Scott Fouse


[15] Maamar, Z., Labbé, P., Mansoor, W. and Bataineh, E.  “Influence in MultiAgent Systems – Application to Coalitions”


[15] Pěchouček, M., Mařík, V. and Bárta, J. “Knowledge Based Approach to OOTW Coalition Formation”


[15] Discussion – Chair Scott Fouse


10:00              Break


10:30              Coalition Architectures – Part 2 - Chair Scott Fouse


[15] Reddy, R., Srinivas, K., Reddy, S.M. and Mikkilineni, R. “Services Based Collaboration/Coalition Networks”


[15] Discussion – Chair Chris Reuter


11:00              Functional and Operational Areas - Chair John Levine


[15] C Bala, J., Pachowicz, P. and Witham, R.A. “Supporting Coalition Operations of Target Movements Exploration through evolutionary Computation and 3-D Visualization”


[15] Bevinakoppa, S., Kumar, D.K., MacGovern, J., Narayan, K. and Hicks, R. “Knowledge-based Coalition Planning and Operations for Medical Applications”


[15] King, G., Heeringa, B., Westbrook, D., Catalano, J. and Cohen, P. “Models of Defeat”


[15] Tate, A., Dalton, J. and Stader, J. “I-P2 – Intelligent Process Panels to Support Coalition Operations”


[30] Discussion – Chair John Levine


12:30              Lunch


14:00              Coalition Research Programmes- Chair Chris Reuter


[15] Schmorrow, D. “The DARPA Control of Agent Based Systems (CoABS) Program and Challenges for Collaborative Coalitions”


[15] Allsopp, D.N., Beautement, P., Bradshaw, J.M., Durfee, E.H., Kirton, M., Knoblock, C.A., Suri, N., Tate, A. and Thompson, C.W. “Coalition Agents Experiment: Multi-Agent Co-operation in an International Coalition Setting”


[15] Linderman, M.H. and Combs, V. “Coalition Application of the Joint Battlespace Infosphere (JBI)”


[15] Fouse, S., Delgado, R. and Beaton, B. “C-CINC21: Command and Control for the Coalition Commander in the 21st Century: A Report on the Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration (ACTD)”


[30] Discussion – Chair Chris Reuter


15:30              Break


16:00     [90] Discussion Topic – Future KSCO Research Programmes - Chair Nort Fowler. With Murray Burke, Scott Fouse, Tom Garvey, Jeff Grossman and Jim Hendler.


17:30              Close


18:30              Reception at the Toulouse City Hall (Salle des Illustres) Jointly with AIPS-2002 attendees. It is roughly a 20-30 min walk from the Congress Centre to the City Hall.