Workshop on Knowledge-Based Planning for Coalition Forces

Name Title Organization Name Invited Able to attend
Dr Ed Walker     Yes Yes
Lt Col Fred Norman Deputy Commander C2 Battle Lab   Yes Yes
Dr Barry T McKinney USAF/EOARD 223-231 Old Marylebone Road Yes Yes
Mr Larry Wentz Director of Command & Control Research Program Advanced Communications Systems Inc Yes Yes
Mr Jerry Daussault   AFRL/IFSE Yes Yes
Dr Northrup Fowler III (USAF) Technical Advisor AFRL/IFT Yes Yes
Mr Richard Metzger (USAF)   AFRL/IFTB Yes Yes
Mr John Kingston   AIAI Yes Yes
Prof Austin Tate Local Arrangements AIAI Yes Yes
Mr Daniel F Fayette Senior Engineer Air Force Research Laboratory/IFT Yes Yes
Mr Steve Smith Senior Research Scientist Carnegie Mellon University Yes Yes
Prof Jim Hendler Programme Manager DARPA Information Systems Office (ISO) Yes Yes
Mr Gaetan Picard Section Head, Decision Support Technologies Defence Research Establishment, Valcartier Yes Yes
Mr Jean Berger   Defence Research Establishment, Valcartier Yes Yes
Dr Richard Davis Head Command & Control Australian Theatre Group Defence Science & Technology Organisation Yes Yes
Dr R A (Tony) Rathmell UK Nat'l Leader DERA Yes Yes
Dr Roberto Desimone Technical Manager, Joint C21 System DERA Yes Yes
Mr Andrew Preece   DERA Yes Yes
Dr Malcolm Vant   DREO/DND Yes Yes
Mr T Kral   GTE Internetworking, BBN Technologies Yes Yes
Mr Scott Fouse Workshop Chairman and Facilitator ISX Corporation Yes Yes
Major Richard Devonshire   Ministry of Defence Yes Yes
Lt Gen Linc Faurer President of Board of Directors National Correlation Working Group (NCWG) Yes Yes
Mr Robert Wasilausky   Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Yes Yes
Commander Bill Schlichter Director, Joint Information Systems Program Office SPAWAR Systems Center Yes Yes
Dr Tom Garvey Associate Director, AI Center SRI International Yes Yes
Dr Karen Myers   SRI International AI Group Yes Yes
Mr David Brown   The Mitre Corporation Yes Yes
Prof Paul Cohen   University of Massachusetts Yes Yes
Dr Dirk R Klose Technical Advisor US Army CECOM, RDEC, C2 Directorate Yes Yes
Dr Bill Swartout   USC/ISI Yes Yes
Jon Ellis Chief Defence Logistics Ministry of Defence Yes Yes
Phil Hanlon   Ministry of Defence Yes Yes
Mr Mark Illingworth Leader, Joint Logistics Planning (J4) Research DERA Yes Yes
Steve Milligan Technologist, Advanced Logistics Progam, Systems Architecture BBN Yes Yes
Alice Mulvehill Technologist BBN Yes Yes
Mr Robert Kendall Dir, Intelligent Systems Group/Euro Defence Relationships ISX Corporation Yes Yes
Dr Peter Martin   Logica UK Ltd Yes Yes
John Fawcett, Jr.   SAIC and USAF C2 Training and Innovation Yes Yes
Maris "Buster" McCrabb   Logicon Yes Yes
Lt. Col. Robert Wind Chief, Plans, AC2ISRC Langley AFB Yes Yes
Mike Kirton UK Agents Programme DERA Malvern Yes Yes
Dr. John Levine Local Arrangements Support AIAI, Edinburgh Yes Yes
Dr. Peter Jarvis Local Arrangements Support AIAI, Edinburgh Yes Yes
Mr. Neil Bryans Chief of IT DSTO, Australia Yes Yes
Dr. Warren Harch Research Leader C3 DSTO, Australia Yes Yes
Dr. Bob Smillie   SPAWAR Yes Yes
Jens Jensen   PACOM J3 Yes Yes
Dale Lambert   DSTO, Australia Yes Yes
Roy Philips   EOARD Yes Yes
Doyle Weishar DARPA CoABS GITI Yes Yes
Robert Warren TBMCS Lockheed Martin Mission Systems Yes Yes
Lt. Col. Jim Gayton ACOA Technical Manager   Yes Yes
Dr Glen Archer   ISX Corporation Yes Yes
Richard Welton C2TIG JFEX SM&A Corporation Yes Yes
Mike Twyman   Logicon   Yes

Total Attendance: 56

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