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CoAX   Coalition Agents eXperiment
  6 Months Demonstration

Process Panel in its initial state and the domain policy tool (web page interface to a servlet).
PP Image 1

Process Panel in initial state, two KAoS domains (Gao and JTFHQ) running on one machine, and the domain policy tool.

PP Image 2

Screenshot of MBP after loading data from all the Info Agents.

MBP Image 1

First indication of the Gao deception. Querying the status of Bridge 1 returns conflicting information about its status.

MBP Image 2

Planner about to communicate with Process Panel (message S1M1b).

MBP Image 3

Process Panel after receipt of message S1M1b.

PP Image 3

Planner about to communicate with Process Panel (message S1M2b).

MBP Image 4

Process Panel after receipt of message S1M2b.

PP Image 4

Separate confirmation of Armour 1s status from two InfoAgents.

MBP Image 5

Result of initial query to AODB Agent about the status of USS Ford.

MBP Image 6

MBP receiving persistant query update from AODB. A change in position is noticed and the position of the ship changed on the map along with dialog box.

MBP Image 7

Human operators decide that Gao database information is considered unreliable and decide to block the Gao domain using KAoS domain control. Planner refreshes the simulation. Note that message to Gao InfoAgent is blocked by KAoS.

MBP Image 8

Data reloaded from InfoAgents with Gao excluded. This represents the true location of objects.

MBP Image 9